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Pharmacy Negligence Attorney in Florida

Defense for Medication Errors

Pharmacy negligence or pharmacy malpractice occurs when a pharmacist or pharmacy assistant does not act as a reasonably prudent pharmacist or assistant would act under the same or similar circumstances. It can occur simply because the person filling a prescription is not paying attention. However, more and more cases of pharmacy malpractice are occurring because of the pressure placed on pharmacists by large corporate pharmacy chains to increase profits. The pressure can occur in many different ways including corporate policies that emphasize speed in filling prescriptions; pushing the work down to lower paid and less educated pharmacy assistants; and budgets that do not allow for enough employees to handle the high volume.

Some common forms of pharmacy negligence include:

  • Prescription Error
    • filling the prescription with the wrong drug
    • providing wrong dosage information to the consumer
    • wrong instructions
    • failing to recognize the consumer is taking medicine that cannot be taken with the prescription the pharmacy is filling

Florida Pharmacy Negligence Lawyer

If you are looking for a committed, unyielding medication error attorney in any part of the state of Florida, contact Distasio Law Firm today. When it comes to protecting your safety and ensuring that your health is maintained, there should be no question as to the level of commitment you receive from your doctor and/or pharmacist. However, if you have found yourself in a position in which your health has been compromised due to the wrongful prescription of your medications, then chances are that you may no longer trust your physician. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to making sure that the rights and wellbeing of patients throughout Florida do not go unprotected.

At Distasio Law Firm, it is our philosophy that no one should be made to suffer unnecessarily. That being said, we will do everything we can to help you obtain maximum recovery for your serious medication error injuries. We are a compassionate law firm that strives to provide each client with dependable and affordable legal counsel. Whether you are suffering from a misdiagnosis and wrong prescription or you were told to take an inappropriate dose of the medications provided to you, a Florida medication error lawyer from our firm can help. There is no task too great or small when it comes to ensuring that your injury or illness is adequately represented and compensated for, and we won't stop until everything possible has been done to help you obtain a positive case outcome.

Contact a Florida pharmacy negligence attorney at our firm today.

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